Traci Radmanovich, founder of PTFT Group, LLC is uniquely focused on protecting her client’s wealth and health care choices. After personally seeing the results of a family member’s failure to plan for a Long Term Care event (approximately 70% of people will experience an unexpected healthcare event), she is compelled to preserve wealth with safe, secure options.

PTFT Group, LLC has been and will continue to be committed to “protecting dignity, insuring choice.” Traci is positioned to protect her client’s wealth with safe reasonable rates of return. PTFT Group, LLC believes that people should secure at least a portion of their wealth with safe options to preserve their family’s lifestyle and legacy. Traci has 23 years of experience in insurance and financial services. Knowledge and ongoing education underscores her expertise in finding affordable solutions and safe money options to preserve and grow wealth.

As an educator, Traci is steadfast in her approach. Her skill in presenting the facts is candid and practical. Educators empower people to make smart, safe choices with simple, honest information, allowing the client to have peace of mind in their future. You don’t have to be an expert to understand and control your money. You just need simple, straight forward information to make the right choice.

Traci is passionate about her work and helping people understand and improve their financial capabilities. There are always growth opportunities. Find out how to build a strong financial foundation for a secure future!

“My first rule of investing is to never lose money. My second rule of investing is to never forget the first.”

– Warren Buffett



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